Holistic Care 

Thank you for your interest in my services. I love what I do and hope that shines through each time I meet a new family. I am an experienced RN, IBCLC, and myofunctional therapist who helps my patients reach their individual breastfeeding goals even when breastfeeding is going well and when families need just a little more support for all the the ages and stages lactation or with more complex feeding issues where parents have exhausted other advice and resources and now seek a detailed feeding plan which will address feeding therapy and babies overall growth and development.

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I have experience with suck dysfunction, oral exercises, suck training, medically complex babies, cleft lip and palate, Down syndrome, tongue and lip ties, continued nipple pain/plugged ducts, low milk supply, oversupply, induced lactation, nursing twins or more, return to work, and helping babies who struggle with taking a bottle or struggle with sleep issues that may relate to feeding and functional issues.

What sets me apart is my experience and wisdom to find root causes 
​while providing clinical lactation therapy techniques and holistic healing with craniosacral therapy, food, herbals, and homeopathics that can complement overall care and healing.


Office or Home Consults-What to Expect...

INITIAL CONSULTS-are typically are 2-hours and include complete medical history, pregnancy/birth history, and top feeding issues will be discussed, next baby will be weighed on digital scale before and after feeding, and full feeding observation will take place. An oral exam and breast exam will also help give a complete picture at this consult before an individualized care plan is made to problems solve top issues.  Includes email or text support for 1 week to give further support.  FEE- $150 OFFICE VISIT OR HOME VISIT $175

FOLLOW UP VISITS-are typically one hour to continue working on breastfeeding issues, tummy time therapy, and oral exercises and overall extra support Mom and baby need.  FEE-$95

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